Our Story

It’s in the early months of 2014 that two longtime friends, Louis-Felix Cauchon and Patric J. Mondou founded Borealys Games, their own independant video game studio. Knowing the full potential of what their two minds had to offer, they developed one of their designs and decided to go on and share a very exciting adventure.

It goes without saying that it’s thanks to their complementary experiences that they quickly transposed their vision into reality. For Louis-Felix, it was his experience as a Co-Founder at Artifice Studio where he worked on bringing to life Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves, a video game base on the Quebec folklore, that helps him keep the studio on the right track. As for Patric, it’s his experience as a Senior Designer at Gameloft, where he worked on designing games like Modern Combat and Dungeon Hunter, that give him the right tools to be able to take the position of Creative Director.

With experience in both the world of indie gaming and AAA blockbusters, the two founders form a formidable team that can overcome any obstacle they may face. It’s in the summer of 2014 that they manage to win a contest presented by the Canada Media Fund, which enables them to acquire the funding they needed for their first project. Since that day, Borealys Games has been blessed with 18 amazing employees that come from many different backgrounds such as the independant scene, the AAA industry and the Multimedia industry.   

Our Team

Louis-Félix Cauchon

Patric J. Mondou
Game Director

Dan Adelman
Business Representant

Cassie Nantais
Administrative Coordinator /
Community Manager

Anthony Demange
Lead Programmer

Bill Christian Tyros

Vincent Bilodeau
Graphics Programmer

Antoine Vachon
Composer / Audio Designer

Samuel Bernier
Lead Game Designer

Sofi Lamont-Cardinal
Senior Game Designer

Dominique Morin

Yvan Isnard
Export Specialist /
Graphic Designer

David Lefrançois
Level Designer

Richard Gagnon

Vincent Presseau

Clément Pernel
Character Artist

Mathieu Thronion
Lead Level Artist

Alexandre Bissonnette
Level Artist