Last year was such an amazing one in the fabulous world of video games. There were a lot of interesting release and the launch of the new Nintendo Switch! So we ask some of our devs to present you their favorite video game of 2017.


Hollow Knight (Team Cherry)

is one of the most beautiful indie games of 2017. The aesthetics of this game is just totally nailed and give a dismal atmosphere with an elegant twist. Also, the traditional 2D animation goes very well with the chosen artistic direction. The poetry and intelligence that reflects this game is breathtaking. We stay easily hooked and we quickly develop the desire to explore deeper this universe. We add to that a good dose of difficulty and we get a very beautiful and stunning roguelike in the metroidvania genre. But the most impressive thing is that this game was developed by a team of only 4 people! – Clément (Concept Artist)


NieR Automata (Platinum Games)

is a tough game to describe without spoiling its most unique features and twists. Even by defying most conventions and surprising the player at every turn, it’s surprisingly easy to pick up and play thanks to Platinum Games’ trademark exhilarating hack-and-slash action. Add in a GOAT-contending soundtrack, a great artistic direction and a poignant story, and you’ve got a fantastic game that constantly brings all the feels. ALL OF THEM. – Antoine (Composer / Sound Designer)


Cuphead (MDHR)

This game is just sooo beautiful! It’s quite impressive to see the animation work that has been done. Personally, I have always loved the design of old cartoons. That’s why I immediately fell in love with the art of Cuphead and its look of the 30s. Those times when there were no laws regulating the content of cartoons for children. In addition, the gameplay is really fun even if the game is very difficult. I sometimes needed more than an hour to beat a boss! However, the execution is so successful that we can’t help but start again and again. The feeling of satisfaction when you succeed is just magic! – Cassie (Studio Manager / Community Manager)


Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo)

What to say about BOTW ^ _ ^ This game has won best game of the year everywhere with good reasons. Even at the studio, we had a hard time figuring out what other games we should put in our top of the year. As soon as you played BOTW, you can only think of this one for best game of the year. Everything is completely stunning in this game. In addition to reviving a good old Zelda that makes us fall back into childhood, Nintendo brought new elements that redefined the open world genre. You can explore everything, absolutely everything! Whenever you want to climb a mountain, not only can you get there without being blocked, but there is always something to discover when you reach the top! The only limit you have is your stamina which represents your strength. Nintendo really gave another dynamic to the concept of exploration.

The artistic direction is simply amazing. It’s fascinating how Nintendo has created a game as complete and beautiful while being well optimized for their new console. Even the animation wasn’t spared with many small subtleties that makes all the characters, and especially Link, even more alive to us. It’s very easy to be submerged in this universe and not want to leave it. Plus, the controls have a nice feeling and they’re really intuitive. The combat mechanics give a lot of freedom, and you have to think before approaching certain enemies. You must have a plan and be well prepared (elixirs, meals, weapons, shields, etc.) before you start a fight. Which is very different from old Zelda games. Nintendo seems to have reached a point of no return for their franchise and we can only be happy about it. – Dominique (Designer), Léa-Marie (3D Artist), Patric (Creative Director) et Samuel (Designer)

BOTW has even integrated the top 3 favorite games of all time of our creative director.




Looks like 2018 will also be a great year for video games! Happy New Year Everyone <3