We didn’t post on our blog since a very long time, but finally here’s what’s going on about Mages of Mystralia.

Mystralia is divided up into multiple regions, each of which with its own contribution to the story, puzzles, enemies and themes. We’re working on each of these concurrently, so almost all of them are only partially done. At this point we have about 4 of the areas either done or close to done: The Haven, Sky Temple (which was heavily featured in the 2nd trailer), Lava Caves, and Mystral Woods. We’ll be showing the game at PAX in Seattle, and our goal is to have Greyleaf Hamlet 100% perfect and polished so people can try a true vertical slice.


Lava Caves



Sky Temple


The biggest design challenge right now is getting the spell system UI right. We’ll have more to share on this next month, but this is going to be mission critical, since spell creation is the core of the game. It needs to be deep – meaning that people who really get to understand it can create very specific and complex spells – but it also needs to be simple, so that new players won’t feel intimidated. And it needs to be fun to play around with. So stay tuned for an update on how we’re tackling that!



We’ve been working on Mages of Mystralia for over a year now, so we have a ton to share. You can register to our newsletter to stay update about the game and to have the chance to test our beta when it will be ready! You can also visit our blog each Friday of the week for a new article about the game and the team behind it. Stay tuned!